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stainless steel catch tray


$ 2495.00

This is a new 80 qt. kettle corn machine. It has a 160,000 btu. burner. 30 psi regulator & pressure gauge with 12 ft.stainless steel braided hose.  Inlet fitting is a wrench-less user friendly connector. It has a 16in. wind guard under the burner to protect the flame. Also has a pilot light, and the pilot light has it's own regulator. Has 10 inch solid rubber no flat tires.  Has a heat shield around the kettle.  This heat shild is very important. If you are going to stir your popcorn by hand don't buy one without it. The kettle corn machine is $2,495 Thanks for looking.

$ 1195.00

This sifting table is 41 inches long and 25 inches wide and 38 inches tall.  It is 10 inches deep.  It has a stainless steel catch tray.  The legs can be removed and put inside the sifting table box for easy storage or transporting. You can have your choice of 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch holes. The sifting table is $ 1195.00. Thanks for looking.  

When you buy both, the kettle corn machine and the sifting table I will pay the first $200.00 shipping cost. 

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